Gallia County Ohio Queries - September 2003 thru October 2004

DATE: 10/17/2004 SUBMITTER: Karl Kirby
I am looking for the newspaper article in the Gallipolis Journal about Sheriff HOLCOMB executing a man in or at the Washington VINEY Livery Stable circa 1819,or any information about Wahington VINEY.
DATE: 10/17/2004 SUBMITTER: Karl Kirby
I am looking for my g-g-grandfather. His son is Henry VINEY from Athens county. Have heard his dad was from Gallipolis area. He may be a boatman (rumor).
DATE: 10/17/2004 SUBMITTER: Rose Johns
I am looking for information on the William RUSSELL who would have come to Gallipolis about 1820 or 1821, directly from Scotland. He would have been 19 or 20 at the time and probably would have lived with his sister Christina RUSSELL RODGERS and her husband Thomas.
DATE: 10/17/2004 SUBMITTER: Jackie Vance
In 1860 census, there was 3 VANCES' listed as living in Addison Township. They were: William VANCE, age 77, born in Ireland. James VANCE, age 30, born in Ohio. Thomas VANCE, age 40, born in Ohio. The Thomas VANCE is my ancestor. I'm trying to see if William was his father and maybe James was his brother. Thomas had a son he named James and a son he named William. I need to find out if there is a connection. How do I find this out?
DATE: 10/17/2004 SUBMITTER: Sherry Jeffries
Looking for any information on my g-grandmother, Minnie THOMPSON and grandfather Lawson THOMPSON.
DATE: 10/17/2004 SUBMITTER: Dana Mathews
I am looking for the GRANT and HODEM families in your county.
DATE: 10/17/2004 SUBMITTER: John T. Rensch
I am looking for the date of death for Henry Louis Rensch who died in Gallipolis State Hospital sometime around 1928 to 1940. He was born on 02-22-1888 in Auglaize County Ohio. According to his obituarie Henry was a patient at the hospital for three years before his death on a thursday night.
DATE: 09/27/2004 SUBMITTER: Ellen Jameson
Seeking any information pertaining to John E. WEST who married Eliza JONES, 16 June 1873, Gallia Co., OH. Would like to know names of parents and any and all information regarding couple.
DATE: 09/27/2004 SUBMITTER: Tim Adkins
Seeking info on Allen & Eliza (O'NEAL) SMITH family who were in Gallia County in 1860 in Walnut Township and Greenfield Township in 1870. Allen, born in Va. in 1825, was the son of Peter & Hannah SMITH of Penn. & New Jersey, and the brother of Harriet, born abt 1835. Eliza was born in Penn. abt 1832. I show fifteen children for Allen & Eliza with a need to track all of them.
DATE: 09/27/2004 SUBMITTER: Charlotte Mathis
I'm looking for documentation of the marriage of my gggg grandfather Philip C. BUFFINGTON and Elizabeth STOUTS/STAATS? They were married in Gallia Co. on 30 October, 1804. Can someone look this up and send a copy to me? If so, please let me know the cost and I'll give you my mailing address.
DATE: 09/27/2004 SUBMITTER: Leigh Lawson
Looking for info on Ann Tacy WILLIAMS Born 9th Oct 1846 Gallia married To Joseph JEFFERS. Also looking for Thomas SPEARS 5th June 1854 Gallia Son of Benjamin SPEARS and Anna SOWARDS also from Gallia.
DATE: 09/27/2004 SUBMITTER: Rose McMahon
Could someone please look up birth records for January 14, 1884 in Gallipolis Ohio for a baby girl named Cora. I do not know her parents last name, only her married name. I am trying to see how she is related to my family. She died as Cora Mae KENNEDY May 4th, 1960 in Akron Ohio. The funeral home did not have her parents names or her husbands first name as she was a widow.
DATE: 09/27/2004 SUBMITTER: Jamie Peacock
I am wanting to find someone who knows about the history of Bidwell. The HEATLY family settled there after 1850 and the original name was Heatly- later changed to Bidwell. I am hopeing to find a history buff who can tell me about the area. I have photos of the Healty family if anyone is interested or wants a copy.
DATE: 08/26/2004 SUBMITTER: June Pierceall
I am searching for information on Edward WILLIAMS and Susanna COY who were married in Gallia County in 1818. I would like to find siblings of my gggggrandfather who was born c. 1825-1826 in Gallia county.
DATE: 08/26/2004 SUBMITTER: Judy Norman
Am looking for the family of James E. JACOBS born about 1822 (or 1825 or 1828 - James isn't too clear on that in his census reports) in Gallia County, Ohio. His parents may have been Abel (1781) and Asineth (1782) JACOBS known to have been in Huntington Twp, Gallia Co from 1830-1850.
DATE: 08/26/2004 SUBMITTER: Teresa
Looking for descendants of:Alexander ELKINS, William RIGNEY, Joseph SCARBERRY, Amanda WALLS, Josephine STEPHENS. Bud NANCE who lived with or by the Rigney family in Portsmouth, OH, unsure of relation or connection. Very interested in William RIGNEY.
DATE: 08/11/2004 SUBMITTER: Annette Goodwin
Looking for the location of the Detelante Cemetery in Green Township and the Willcox Cemetery in Huntington Township in Gallia County. They are not listed in the GNIS listing.
DATE: 08/11/2004 SUBMITTER: Sandra
I am looking for info on John AMLIN who married Eliza SIMS in Gallia Co. in 1838. They were living in Racoon Twp. Gallia Co. OH in 1850. I can't find them anywhere in 1860. In 1864 Eliza AMLIN married John HICKTON and again I lost them. John & Eliza AMLIN had 4 children that I know of: Ann C., Sarah E., John, and Josephine.
DATE: 08/11/2004 SUBMITTER: Carolyn (Davis) Revercomb
I am looking for Edwin Norris HERN (my grandfather) Born in Gallia County, Ohio. Born 1861 in Gallia County, Ohio. Died Sept. 1960 Gahanna,Ohio Franklin County. Married Bertha Edith FULTON (Hern) Born Nov. 2, 1885 Gallia County Died Nov. 1959 Gahanna, Ohio Franklin, County. Thay had 2 children Bonnie born Sept. 1919 and Alva Wendell Born 1906 in Gallia County, Ohio Died Sept. 1971.
DATE: 08/11/2004 SUBMITTER: Kim Turner
I'm looking for a William WARE who was born around 1842 in Gallia, OH.
DATE: 08/11/2004 SUBMITTER: Michelle Greig
I am looking for any information on William LOOKADOO born bet 1795 in Virginia and died abt. 1880 in Gallia Co. and his wife Elizabeth KIDD.
DATE: 08/11/2004 SUBMITTER: Louanne White
I'm looking for information on Thomas WHITE, born November 29, 1842 in Gallia County, Ohio. He married Christiana WISE on October 17, 1867. Their first child was born in Delaware Co. Ohio.
DATE: 08/11/2004 SUBMITTER: Lucille M. Baker
Looking for birth record of Tabitha A. PARISH (or PARRISH) b, aprox. 1863, in Gallia Co., Oh. Do not know parents name.
DATE: 08/11/2004 SUBMITTER: Randy Morrison
I am just getting started on my family tree and would appreciate any help. My g-grandfather-John BIARS, son of Gustavis & Kate KRAUS BIARS was from Gallia Co. I know that Gus & Kate are buried there-Mina Chapel Cemetery. John died fairly young and the remaining family knows little of his history other than his parents were of German descent.
DATE: 08/11/2004 SUBMITTER: Jacque O'Brien
I am trying to find any info on my GGGrandfather Oliver C. HILL. He married Margaret L. BROWN. He is in the 1860 census, living in Salisburg, Meigs County. He had two sisters, Virginia and Indiana Hill. I would like to know who were his parents, what happened to his sisters and more about Maggie L. BROWN's family.
DATE: 07/13/2004 SUBMITTER: Barbara Fair
I am looking for any info on James MORROW and Olive Jane HILL. I also have some old maps of some Ohio Cemeteries my father gave me, so if i could help someone esle i would be more then happy to do so. these maps are on Oak Grove, Harmer and Mound cemeteries in Marietta, Ohio. They are soldiers of the Revolutionary War, War Of 1812, War With Mexico, Civil War, Spanish-American War and World War. It says the History est. from part of the Ohio Company's first purchase of 1788, first burial about 1801.
DATE: 07/13/2004 SUBMITTER: Doreen McMillen
LOOKING FOR NEW EMAIL ADDRESS FOR ROBERT MAURICE KERR. The one listed at this time is no longer active. I am also looking for Henry BARD's parents. One of my distant cousins copied some interesting deeds and a will from Columbiana County, Ohio and I have transcribed what I could make out. This one is the most descriptive of the land purchased by Henry BEARD and Winifred his wife: << DEED >> Henry McMillin to Gustavus Hoff (April 21, 1836): To all whom these presents shall come Henry McMillin and Elizabeth his wife of Middleton Township, Columbiana County and State of Ohio send Greeting. Whereas by patent bearing date of the tenth day of August 1813 the President of the United States granted and confirmed the South West quarter of Section twenty-six of Township number seven in the first range of the Steuben-ville district unto a certain Henry Beard his heirs and assigns forever. And whereas by deed bearing date the thirteenth day of May 1815 the said Henry Beard and Winifred his wife consigned and confirmed eighty-three acres of the East part of said quarter section unto a certain Jacob Abraham Beard his heirs and assigns forever. And whereas by will bearing date in the year 1825 the said Jacob Abraham Beard directed his executors therein named after the decease of his wife to divide sixty acres of the land as conveyedto him as aforesaid into equal parts always beginning in East line of said quarter section an! d running a West course to John Beard's line. And in and by said will devised that lot of his said lands where on his house and barn stood to his daughter the above named Elizabeth McMillin and Henry McMillin her husband in fee simple and being the same lot of said sixty acres of land hereby granted. Now know ye that the said Henry McMillin and Elizabeth his wife for and in consideration of the sum of fifty dollars good and lawful money to them in hand paid by Gustavus Hoff of the Township aforesaid .... etc. ---------- I thought that Henry BEARD was Jacob Abraham BEARD's father, but the dates don't match up. Jacob BEARD's first daughter (I believe) is the Elizabeth BEARD mentioned above and she was born about1804. She married Henry MCMILLIN, my G-G-G grandfather on Oct 31 1820 per Columbiana County marriage records. It seems that Henry BARD was probably a brother to Jacob? Have you found any new information on Henry BARD's parents and siblings? I have more information on the BEARDs and MCMILLIN's. Doreen McMillen, Pleasanton, CA
DATE: 07/05/2004 SUBMITTER: Larry Rauch
Can you tell me the parents of and any history of Abraham KNAPP, b. 20 Oct 1777, who married Rachel CHERRINGTON? They are my GGG Grandparents. Where did the KNAPP family come from?
DATE: 07/05/2004 SUBMITTER: Barbara Hoehn
Does anyone have information on Elizabeth BUNCH and Edward NOBLE who married in Gallia Co. on June 17, 1866?
DATE: 07/05/2004 SUBMITTER: Judy McPeake
I am researching my great-grandparents Nancy LAMBERT (1839) and James Henry REID (1840) listed on the 1880 Greenfield, Gallia Co., Ohio census records. Please contact me if you are researching this line, any information would be appreciated.
DATE: 07/05/2004 SUBMITTER: Virginia Baxter
ROBINSON, Jonah father of Sarah E ROBINSON b in 1843 Gallia County, OH, many in family, My grandmother.
DATE: 07/05/2004 SUBMITTER: Claudine Harding
I'm hoping to find any information on James RW MAUZY, Henrietta MAUZY, Francis M. MAUZY and Ann Henrietta BUNCH. They are listed in the 1860 census in Raccoon. James is listed as 35 yrs. old, Henrietta, 17, Francis M., 2 and Ann H. Bunch as 44.
DATE: 06/18/2004 SUBMITTER: Carolyn (Thompson) Fears
I am looking for information regarding the following family. Samuel THOMPSON b. 04 Sept 1819 (Delaware?); married Rebecca A. DENNIS 12 May 1842 Carroll Co, OH; died 17 Feb 1884 Gallia Co, Ohio. Rebecca was b. 06 May 1823 (Penn?); died 14 May 1895 Gallia Co, OH. They had 7 children, one being Samuel b. 30 Nov 1858 Gallia Co, OH. His wife was Anna Laura ROE. I'm hoping to find the parents for Samuel and Rebecca (DENNIS) THOMPSON.
DATE: 06/18/2004 SUBMITTER: Carolyn (Thompson) Fears
I am looking for information regarding the following family. Samuel THOMPSON b. 04 Sept 1819 (Delaware?); married Rebecca A. DENNIS 12 May 1842 Carroll Co, OH; died 17 Feb 1884 Gallia Co, Ohio. Rebecca was b. 06 May 1823 (Penn?); died 14 May 1895 Gallia Co, OH. They had 7 children, one being Samuel b. 30 Nov 1858 Gallia Co, OH. His wife was Anna Laura ROE. I'm hoping to find the parents for Samuel and Rebecca (DENNIS) THOMPSON.
DATE: 06/18/2004 SUBMITTER: Cheryl Campbell
Charles H. CAMPBELL, joined Sanford Baptist Church in 1843. Does that church still exist, if not, does anyone know where I can find the records. My records also indicate Charles H. CAMPBELL married Sarah Agnes TYGERT on 2/4/1867 in Gallia. Does anyone know if this is true? Does anyone know where and when he died?
DATE: 06/18/2004 SUBMITTER: Ronald Watterly
SURNAMES: hospital
My GGGgrandfather was wounded at the battle of Cedar Creek VA and sent to Gallipolis where he was mustered out and returned home to Darke Co. My question is this - was there an Army hospital or convalescent center in town at that time and if so are there any records of such?
DATE: 06/18/2004 SUBMITTER: Vicky Woodrum
Would like more information on the marriage of a James LOUDENSLAGER and Arabella JEFFERS on January 10, 1889 by Horace R. BRADBURY in Gallia County, Ohio. If this is the couple that I am looking for they had the following children: Otho, Burl Raymond, Clarence, Bill, Hazel, Beulah and Flossie. The last name would have been changed to LOUDEN.
DATE: 06/18/2004 SUBMITTER: Julie Featherstone
I am looking for information on my great-grandmother, Sarah EVANS. Her middle initial might be "P". She married Victor Emmanuel SULLIVAN on July 18, 1874. She was born Jan 8 1852 in Gallia County and died Oct. 20, 1905 in Raleigh County, WV. She is buried at Mt. Carmel Cemetery along with her husband and parents. I think the cemetery is/was in Green Township.
DATE: 06/18/2004 SUBMITTER: JoAnna Lichtenberg
I am interested in the JACKSON line. I have William J. JACKSON marrying Susanna PRUITT abt. 1829 in Gallia County. The childred of William and Susanna were: 1. Lusetta Jackson, 2. Andrew Jackson b.sept 15, 1832 Gallia County, 3. Annie Josephine Jackson, 4. John Jackson, 5. Legrand Jackson. Do you have any information dealing with this family line? Do you know where I may go to find any information on the William J. Jackson?
DATE: 06/18/2004 SUBMITTER: F. K. Brown
Am looking for any information on Wilson HALL who was married to Margaret HATFIELD. Known child is Alta Irene born July 1905. Alta married James John STAPLETON from Lawrence County Ohio in January 1923. They spent most of their lives in the Springfield Ohio area. Wilson HALL is buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Gallia County but Margaret is buried in Springfield Ohio as are Alta and James Stapleton.
DATE: 05/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Tim Lehigh
Looking for information on Marietta HAYES (HAYS) who married Sylvester M. MCCOWN. I believed they married on May 15, 1848 in this county.
DATE: 05/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Laurie Davis
My grandfather, William H. (Henry) DAVIS was born in Ohio in 1879. His father,s name was William DAVIS. He was in the saw mill/lumber trade. He move to MO/AR area and married Nellie CORCORAN in St. Louis in late 1890's . My father William Neuman DAVIS was born in AR in 1900. The 1880 census for Perry, Gallia, Ohio show a Willaim G. DAVIS with infant son(s) of 5 month. Any help in making this connect, if any, will be appreciated.
DATE: 05/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Bonnie Bartlett
Searching for info on John FAULKNER wife's name. John was born about 1780 in Va. Lived in Gallia Co. Oh & then moved to Hamilton Co.Il. I also have a web site on these families. Get in touch with me & I'll sign you in.
DATE: 05/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Charlie Brannen
I am searching for any info about my surname list. I am especially interested in information on Fred A and Maude SORG. Maude's maiden name was BRANNEN and she was the daughter of my G-grandfather, William Henry BRANNEN. Maude died in 1937 and Fred in 1938. Both are buried in the Pine Street Cemetery in Gallipolis along with my G-grandfather. Their graves are marked, but Williams is not and we cannot find a map from that era that shows the grave number in the records at the city clerks office. Only that it was purchased and he was buried there. Fred and Maude purchased the grave.
DATE: 05/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Lisa Durst
Does anybody have any info. on CHICK. My gg grandfather was Berry CHICK. He was born around 1871. Im tring to find out any info. about his parent. The second surname is LANG/LONG. This surname Im doing for a friend. Her gg grandparents are Jacob and Barbara(KUHN??)Lang. I have some information on them and there children. I found that some information I have to look under Long. They came to Gallia County about 1855.
DATE: 05/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Debbie Clark
SURNAMES: OHE Baseball Team
Needing information on the Ohio Hospital for Epileptics baseball team they had in 1930's. My Grandfather was on a team at the time as an employee. We have a picture but would love to have the names of the players and coach. Any help will do.
DATE: 05/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Phil Tipton
I am trying to link my grandfather, Claude TIPTON, born in 1882 in Gallia County Ohio to his father and beyond. I know he had brothers Alva and Stanley that moved to the Bowling Green, Ohio area around 1900. In the 1880 census there was a Lewis TIPTON born in 1852 who had an Alva TIPTON born in 1879 in his household. This fits. Claude had sons Robert, Ellsworth, Raymond and Vonden (my father.) I know we still have relatives in Gallia county, but have no idea what any of their names are. My father visited there in the 1930's, but can't remember who it may have been. He also can't remember what his granfather's name was, although he thought his name may have been Emerson. None found in the 1880 census.
DATE: 05/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Grace Malaby
Does anyone have info on the town, Malaby. All I know is that it is considered "historical" and that it existed at -least in 1895- in the county of Gallia.
DATE: 05/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Shirley Dunn
I need to get in touch with Mary Campbell if is she still on this list. She is searching for the BONECUTTER family from Gallia co, I can help her with Dan BONECUTTER and Greg BONECUTTER. There will be a reunion on the BONECUTTER family in July at Point Pleasant.
DATE: 05/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Mary
Looking for Rebecca VANSIOC who was married to Joseph. Joseph died in Iowa in 1855 and Rebecca moved back to Gallia and is in the 1860 census along with her 2 young daughters, one of which was Almira who married Noah HOUCK March 17, 1878. I think Rebecca may have remarried.
DATE: 05/01/2004 SUBMITTER: Verda Washington
I am searching for a death record of SCRUGGS, Mary in Gallia County, Ohio. She was the wife of SCRUGGs, John and they appear in the 1850 census of Green Twp. in 1850. By 1860 it appears that John had remarried to a Polly. I am searching for Mary's death date and maybe a death record or something will give me some more clues about her. Any information on this African American family in Ohio will be greatly appreciated.
DATE: 05/01/2004 SUBMITTER: Lawrence Schwartz
Researching grandfather Charles Higgins RUSSELL. I have his death certificate which indicates DOB as Feb. 9, 1888 (The Plains, Athens Co.) and DOD as Sept. 8, 1974 (The Plains, Athens Co). His parents were Hiram RUSSELL and Addie HIGGINS. His wife at the time of his death (not my grandmother) was Fontelle MACE.
DATE: 04/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Kay Graham
I'm searching for info on James P. WADDELL, b 1824. His daughter Kate is great grandmother -- Married Charles Graham. Was James married twice? Also searching Robert GRAHAM -- brother Phillip b 1761. Both arrived in Gallipolis in 1812.
DATE: 04/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Kristina Planer
I'm looking for CLARK's in Gallia Co. There are many, and most are related, but I will list only a few. Thomas CLARK b. 8-10-1759; mar. Jemima SCUTT (SCOTT); died 3-9-1831 and is buried in Clark Cemetery in Gallia Co., OH. Many CLARK's are buried here. I believe it is now on what is called Bostick Farm. Other names include Thomas CLARK (his son), who was Justice of the Peace there, John M. CLARK, Isaac S., CLARK, Jepetha CLARK, James CLARK, Nancy CLARK, William CLARK, Rebecca CLARK, Samuel CLARK, Sarah 'Salley' CLARK, Thomas J. CLARK, Abraham P. CLARK, Phoebe Jane CLARK, and Jacob V. CLARK. There are other names and more information.
DATE: 04/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Pattie Howard Reeves
Looking for info on the parents & siblings of Albert Gallatin HOWARD (b Lawrence Co.,Oh, Mar 8, 1813), his parents are Edward and Frances (ADAMS) HOWARD. Thinking it might have been Gallia co, since Albert's middle name is Gallatin and Lawrence Co not formed til 1817.
DATE: 04/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Darrell Robinson
I'm loking for any information on Fain ROBINSON who married Esther MCMILLIN in Gallia County in 1821. According to the 1880 census, his son Linneas noted that he was born in Tennessee.
DATE: 04/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Erin Courtney
Looking for information on the family of Elizabeth MARTIN who married Simeon (Simpson) BROWN in Gallia Co. 21 Oc. 1814. She died in Hocking Co. between 1840-42 and is buried there in BROWN Cemetery.
DATE: 04/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Tamar Brady
I am loking for any information possible on Margaret HELTCHER's mother. Her name was May MCGOON. She had a sister named Sarah MCGOON that died in a fire in West Virginia. Margaret and Clara were left on thier own and fostered out as the story goes. But I can't find anything except Sarah's obit. If you have pictures I would be happy to pay (within reason) for copies.
DATE: 04/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Ray
My gggrandfather Hiram CARR was in the Gallia County census for 1850 and was the Springfield Township Supervisor somewhere in the 1845 - 1860 timeframe. His son Henry H. was born about 1846 and Franklin Webster 1852, both I'm told in Gallia County. In 1860 he was in Meigs County. His father was John CARR/KERR and his mother was Jane (RALSTON) CARR/KERR. Looking for more info on this family and other surnames in the area.
DATE: 04/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Lisa Knowles-Maciag
I have been trying to find documentation on the Rueben KNOWLES family that lived in Gallia County from 1833-1855. I have not been able to find him in a census or any other tidbit on him. His nephew Richard lived in Addison but I do not know if he lived in the same area.
DATE: 04/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Roberta Brumfield
Looking for info on John P WALLS (b-abt 1834 Oh) married Feb 8,1854 Cornila J CHAPMAN (b-abt 1829 Gallia Co Oh) she is the d/o Archibald CHAPMAN & Elizabeth Mills. John & Cornila's children are Mary A, Fidela, Cornila J md- James Mike Brumfield (I believe Cornila & Fidela are twins), Lucinda, William A, John, & Elijah S md-Emma (Elijah & Emma are buried at Good Hope Cem, Ohio) Need any info there is to put this family together.
DATE: 04/22/2004 SUBMITTER: Nancy Pierce
Joseph HAZLETT is my great grandfather b. March 25, 1849, Gallia Co OH, d. Nov. 8, 1926, Delaware OH; m. Henrietta HENRY Sept 21, 1889. I have two proven (via Civil War Pension Papers) ancestors of Joseph: his father (my gggf) Robert and his uncle John. Joseph was one of 14 children. My grandmother was Noma Mae Hazlett, b. April 21, 1892, Gallipolis, Gallia Co, d. Dec. 21, 1951, Columbus, Franklin Co., OH; m. Harry V. WILLIAMS Dec. 25, 1908, Delaware Co., OH. I have documentation (and more details) for all of the above but cannot positively identify the father of Robert and John. It has been suggested that Isaac was their father but that appears not to be the case. Also, for some reason, I have Robert's middle initial as "C" but I cannot find any documentation for it. If you have any information/suggestions that might help me find Robert and John's father, I'd be appreciative and always glad to share information.
DATE: 03/26/2004 SUBMITTER: Thomas Graham
Seeking information about Daniel FAULKNER and Nancy DUNLAP and their family. They settled in Gallia County around 1806, Greenfield Twp. I am mainly looking for vital statistics, ie birth, marriage, and death information.
DATE: 03/26/2004 SUBMITTER: Nancy Wyka
I am looking for information on John Sands BOWMAN who was married to Sarah M. RUPE on 18 June 1822 in Gallia Co. OH. Also, any information on William Henry BOWMAN who was John and Sarah's son born on 19 Apr 1825.
DATE: 03/26/2004 SUBMITTER: Edward Gibson
Seeking information on Peter P. PARRISH and Nancy Ann BURNETT. Peter, b. 2-19-1815, m Nancy Ann 2-5-1846 in Gallia County, and died 12-14-1894 in Cabell County WV and buried in Gallia. Nancy was b 4-21-1824 and d 12-19-1861. They lived in Kanawha County VA/WV but he moved back to Gallia County. His parents are John H. PARRISH and Mary WRIGHT. Nancy's parents are William BURNETT and Prudence. Peter had two other wives.
DATE: 03/17/2004 SUBMITTER: Dee Dorsey
Seeking any information on Anna/Annie Cecilia MCDANIEL born 26 Jan 1861 in Gallipolis. Her marriage certificate lists Jerry MCDANIEL as her father and Nancy (no last name listed) as her mother.
DATE: 03/17/2004 SUBMITTER: Maxine Cannon
I am still looking for information on these two families. George VANHOUTEN born ca 1913 Ohio and wife Sarah A WITTY married in Gallia in 1832. Some of the family has to be around somewhere. All the children were born in Ohio. The last one in 1844. Then they were in Texas on the 1850 census. Maybe VANHOUTEN was spelled VANHOWTEN.
DATE: 03/17/2004 SUBMITTER: Gayle Toler
Seeking information about John T. MCCARTY and first wife Mary A. MILLER. John T. born in Cheshire, Gallia Co., Ohio about 1827; he is my Great Grandfather.
DATE: 03/17/2004 SUBMITTER: Louanne White
I'm looking for info on Thomas WHITE born Gallia Co. Ohio in 1842 married Christiana WISE 10-17-1867, son Harry L. born Rednor Ohio June 22, 1870.
DATE: 03/17/2004 SUBMITTER: Mary Shotts Marchant
Looking for any info on the family of Lewis SHOTTS and his wife Margaret A. SHOTTS. Children were: Amaziah, William C., Simon P., Mary C., John T., Ann M., Isaac P., David L., Uleysses G., and Jasper. They lived in Greenfield, Ohio in 1870.
DATE: 03/09/2004 SUBMITTER: B. Warren
I would like information on the parents of Wye Wakefield WARREN,he was born in 1901, he died in 1994. Other relation to him were Alvin Emmett GOTHARD, Hartzel GOTHARD , Kate GOTHARD ,Nancy Ellen WARREN, Clark Brown WARREN. I also need information on Letha Loretta HENDERSON. She was born arround the Miller OH area. Her parents were Christopher and Hattie (NICHOLS) HENDERSON.
DATE: 03/09/2004 SUBMITTER: Kevin J Stanley
I am looking for the history of the Gallia Furniture Company in Gallipolis Ohio. When was it in business and where can I find information about the company?
DATE: 03/09/2004 SUBMITTER: Craig Midkiff
Looking for any info on George Knopp SAUNDERS from Gallia county. Any info appreciated.
DATE: 03/09/2004 SUBMITTER: Sue Lantz
I am still searching for information concerning Joseph CLARK and his wife Rachel WATKINS.
DATE: 03/02/2004 SUBMITTER: Jimmie Dewberry
Payton DEWBERRY married Sarah CYDERS circa 1867 in Gallia County. Is there any information there on these people?
DATE: 02/24/2004 SUBMITTER: Diana Simmons Clark
I'm looking for any info. on Michael SIMMONS who was in the 1830 Gallia Co. census. He was married to Mary Ann and had a daughter, Elizabeth b. 1828 in VA; and son, Lemuel, at the very least. Lemuel was born in 1830 in OH then the family moved back to VA sometime after Lemuel's birth. Does anyone have access to any type of records that would show if Lemuel was born in Gallia Co. or any info on his father, Michael SIMMONS. I don't know Michael's birth year.
DATE: 02/11/2004 SUBMITTER: Rachel
Looking for info on both: Charles N. MORAN who married Sarepta KNOX in Gallia, Ohio on March 5, 1840 by R.D. Kimbert. She was born on Sept. 1822 in Ohio. They moved to Vrginia in 1850s.
DATE: 02/11/2004 SUBMITTER: Roberta Brumfield
Looking for info on Emmett "Burt" BRUMFIELD (1881/82-1959 Gallia Co Ohio) and wife Elizabeth "Lizzy" SUTHERS, children- William (Aug 29,1908 WV-April 30,1987 CAL) md-twice Thelma BOWEN & Mildred STUMP, Joseph Arron, Noel/Noal C, Mary md-twice James BEAVER, & Bennett, Bertha md-Dillion, Kathleen md-Eddie SLAGER, James Emmett md-Beulah WALLACE, Willa. Emmett "Burt" may have worked for the railroad, Elizabeth "Lizzie" second marriage was to a man by the name of RIBICH. Any info on this family will help.
DATE: 02/11/2004 SUBMITTER: Karen Starkel
I am looking for information on the families of my g g grandparents, William RUSSELL b.1830 and Margret GRAVES b. 1835 married 1855. Their children were Perry, Amreliza(?), Flora, and Warren. I believe this family lived in the Gallia area around 1850 to 1860.
DATE: 02/11/2004 SUBMITTER: Carol Stewart
I'm looking for any information about Johnthan BOWMAN. He lived in Gallia county around 1901. Believed to have died in 1901 at county hospital. Also any information on Eligha WHITE. He lived and died in Gallia County in 1939.
DATE: 02/11/2004 SUBMITTER: Marilyn Eisbrenner
I am looking for information on William MILLER and Elizabeth SHELTON. I believe their son David may be my GreatGrandfather. William and Elizabeth were married in Gallia County on December 21, 1826. I belive William died there in May of 1848. William and Elizabeth had 9 Children.
DATE: 02/11/2004 SUBMITTER: Wanda
I'm trying to find any information on Charles Henry HILL who married a Bernice Marie CARPENTER. Charles father is Charles William HILL and Charles William HILL'S fathet is John HILL. I'm trying to find out any information I can on these people.
DATE: 02/11/2004 SUBMITTER: Edd Sharp
Looking for any family information for Elsworth SHARP, and or Emma BOGGS, who were married in Gallia County on Dec. 24, 1899 in Gallia County. They are my Grandfather and Grandmother.
DATE: 01/12/2004 SUBMITTER: Kathie Gifford
Looking for information on the parents and siblings of Barbara Ann DAVIES SIMS, b. Nov 20, 1815 in South Wales, m. Thomas SIMS Oct 15, 1841 in Gallia County, d. Nov 8, 1877 in Madison Twp, Jackson County. I believe her parents are Thomas DAVIES and Barbara MORGAN DAVIES, but have no confirmation and know nothing about them or her siblings. Barbara Ann is my great great grandmother.
DATE: 01/12/2004 SUBMITTER: Kathie Gifford
Looking for the parents and grandparents of Mary J WILLIAMS, b.~1845; Sycilia WILLIAMS b.~1848; and Sarah WILLIAMS b. ~1851. They show up in the 1860 census in Raccoon Township, Gallia Co., in the household of Thomas RICHARDS and Cecilia (Secillia) WILLIAMS RICHARDS. Thomas and Cecilia were married June 26, 1852 in Gallia Co. It is unknown if Mary, Sycilia, and Sarah are the children of Cecilia or her siblings.
DATE: 01/12/2004 SUBMITTER: Donna Dotts
I am looking for family of Thomas L. BELL, arrived from Edinburgh, Scotland, 1867, married Mary Ellen HOLCOMB. He owned a flour? mill in Gallipolis and died in 1916, buried in Mound Hill Cemetary. He was member of Masonic Lodge.
DATE: 01/08/2004 SUBMITTER: Carl Adcock
I am searching for any information on PFADT, especially Mary Myrtle PFADT who supposedly was born in Gallipolis about 1898. I would appreciate anything on this surname.
DATE: 01/08/2004 SUBMITTER: Leroy Armstrong
Searching for Anderson Jack BOSTER, b. 12/1833. would like help trying to find him in the 1850 census, he would be about 16. He moved to KY. before 1860. I am hoping he was from Gallia Co.
DATE: 01/08/2004 SUBMITTER: Roberta Brumfield
Looking for info on Emmett "Burt/Bert" BRUMFIELD B-OH (I Think) DIED-1956 Crown City Ohio, married to a Lizzie, he is s/o James "Mike" BRUMFIELD, and Cornilla WALLS/WELLS. Any info on this family like dates, where they are buried, stories, anything will help.
DATE: 01/08/2004 SUBMITTER: John F. Koontz
I have further info on my family. My g-grandfather was Charles H. KOONTZ ca b-1844, His father was Lewis KOONTZ ca b-1813. His father was John L. KOONTZ ca b-1777. His father was Phillip KOONTZ from Rokingham Virginia (Rev War pension). Charles H was married to a Mary (TRUESDALE) FOWLER in or around 1860-1870. They lived in Guyan Township Gallia Ohio where my grandfather was born. My grand father had several brothers.
DATE: 01/08/2004 SUBMITTER: Kathy Gaskins
The pension claim of Eleanor Jane (WAUGH) GASKINS, widow of Samuel GASKINS, states that "her mother and the midwife are one and the same person," that midwife being Harriet WAUGH. There is a marriage record for Harriet TROWBRIDGE to Robert WAUGH in Gallia County on 02 Feb 1837, so I am accepting these items as evidence that Eleanor's parents are Robert WAUGH and Harriet TROWBRIDGE. Robert is in the 1840 Gallia census with 2 females in the house who are of an age to be Harriet and their youngest child, born 1837-1838. (Eleanor was born 1840). After 1840...Robert and Harriet vanish, only to reappear in 1853 Mason County WV on the birth records of Jacob Thomas WAUGH (1853), Lemuel WAUGH (1855), and Hesta WAUGH (1856). After that, they are gone again...anybody have a clue where they were between the 1850 Gallia census and the 1853 Mason County birth record of Jacob? Surely more children than just Eleanor in 1840 were born during that 13 years...also, where'd they go after 1856?
DATE: 01/08/2004 SUBMITTER: Leland R. Johnson
Historian searching information and descendants of Capt. Oberlin M. CARTER, b. Gallia County 11 July 1855, son of Robert T. and Lucinda M. Williams CARTER; sister was Viola b. Gallia 13 Dec. 1857 and brother Ditso P. b. Gallia 22 Jan. 1861. Oberlin grad. from USMA 1880, joined Corps of Engineers, and sent to Leavenworth for fraud in 1900. Spent rest life trying to clear his name. Died at Ravenswood Manor subdivision in Chicago, IL, 18 July 1945. Will write his biography if I can locate his personal papers.
DATE: 01/08/2004 SUBMITTER: Barb Yoder
I am looking for info on the Gabriel NANCE family. They were found in the 1880 census living in Gallia Co NANCE GABRIEL 38 VA VA VA; MILLIE WF 36 VA VA VA (maiden name SOWARDS); MARY E. DAUG 17 OH OH OH; VIOLA DAUG 16 OH OH OH; SUSAN DAUG 14 OH OH OH; ADDIS DAUG 12 OH OH OH. Gabriel & Millie were my ggg-grandparents. Their daughter Mary Ellen was my gg-grandmother in 1879 she had a daughter named Rosella. When Rosella married my g-grandfather John Shannon WHITE in Rome Twp. Lawrence Co her last name was listed on their marriage cert as THOMAS. I would like to see if someone could look-up her birth cert. she was born 9/4/1879. I don't know who Rosella's father was. Mary NANCE married a Thomas TAGG Dec 2 1883 in Gallia Co.
DATE: 01/08/2004 SUBMITTER: David Bailey
Looking for info on a Robert A MITCHELL and Laura HOLCOMB married 4 oct 1864. All info welcomed.
DATE: 01/08/2004 SUBMITTER: Judy Griffy
In 1941, on Dec. 21, there were five people found dead in Gallipolis. Can someone check the newspaper stories for me and verify a Veaulia RUSSELL TODD was one of them. This supposedly involved some sort of scandal at the time. They may possibly have frozen to death. Would like complete story if possible. The first name may not be spelled correctly here.
DATE: 01/08/2004 SUBMITTER: Mickey Beard
Seeking information on BOSTER and related lines. Many were born in Gallipolis/Gallia County and migrated to Huntington WV. Charles Owen BOSTER was my grandfather. At one time a school teacher in Gallipolis (what school?) Then he and several bothers owned and operated a grocery store in the Gallipols area. Probably 1900. Then BOSTER'S Grocery in Huntington,WV. until his death in 1938.
DATE: 12/04/2003 SUBMITTER: Ron Cree
Looking for any information on the surname CREE in about 1900.
DATE: 12/04/2003 SUBMITTER: Sue Kern
Looking for Jacob DANNER Household Male 1880 census married Anna SLUSSER. Other Information: Birth Year <1807> Birthplace PA Age 73 Occupation Farmer Marital Status W <Widowed> Race W <White> Head of Household Jacob DANNER Relation Self Father's Birthplace PA Mother's Birthplace PA
DATE: 12/04/2003 SUBMITTER: Cyrus J. Cottrell
I am searching for information re: the parents and grandparents, etc. for Edward Leander COTTRELL. He and his wife, Georgia (nee SMITH), moved from W. Va in late 1800's/early 1900's and settled in Bidwell then moved to Porter. E. L. COTTRELL was an only child, I believe and was raised by an aunt.
DATE: 12/04/2003 SUBMITTER: Jamie Peacock
I am interested in connecting with others who may be working on this HEATLY family name. I would like to know where they are buried. The family of Charles HEATLY was living in Gallia (Springfield Township) in 1880 where they had been living for about 30 years.
DATE: 11/19/2003 SUBMITTER: John Hudnall
I am looking for information on John C. SCOTT who was married to Susan HOUDESHELL (spelling varies on Susan's last name HOUDERSHELDT etc). John and Susan were married September 19, 1836 in Gallia County Ohio.
DATE: 11/19/2003 SUBMITTER: Patty Sprouse
Looking for any info on the parents of Howard SPROUSE, born 1898? in Gallia or West Va. Howard was married to Reba SHULTZ. Seeking parents of Howard. Howard died in 1944 or 45.
DATE: 11/19/2003 SUBMITTER: Frank Sayre
Do you have information on Mary BRENNER who married Isaac DOUGHTY on 3-14-1850? They had a son, Zachariah born Oct. 23, 1851. Then, Isaac DOUGHTY married for the second time on Jan. 19, 1853. When did his first wife, Mary BRENNER die?
DATE: 11/19/2003 SUBMITTER: Mary Leonard-Stephenson
Searching for the following: William LEWIS b. 4/9/1763 Richmond, Washington, R.I. d. 10/2/1853 Gallia Co, buried in Old Wilkesville Cem, Vinton Co, Ohio and Eleanor Straight LEWIS b. 1764 d. 5/28/1849 Gallia co. Aaron LEWIS b. 1/4/1773 N.J. d. 9/9/1855 Gallia Co., buried in Wood Cem. Hanna (LEWIS?) b. 1775, Philadelphia, PA d. 3/23/1855 Gallia Co buried Wood Cem. Any help or direction appreciated. Could these 2 LEWIS men be brothers? Cousins?
DATE: 11/13/2003 SUBMITTER: Mary Mitchell
Looking for any info on Cynthia SPIRES m. Ashford MANKIN, her father John SPIRES m. Phoebe MCCUMBER, his father John m. Mary HINTON.
DATE: 11/13/2003 SUBMITTER: Lola (Bishop) Hunter
Looking for info on marriage of E(zra) H. FLOWERS to Nancy BISHOP in Gallia Co. 1869. Need to know age of Nancy to determine which one she was. There are three Nancy Bishops.
DATE: 11/13/2003 SUBMITTER: Cynthia McCarty
Searching for info on my gg grandmother Annie LEWIS, all I know is that she lived in a place called Swan Creek. She met my gg grandfather in Boone or Kanawha Co. WV so she must have had family that she came here to visit. I also know that someone in her family was a furniture or cabinet maker, I think it may have been a brother of hers. She married John Elbert BRADLEY. I have no dates to go on. This is my brickwall.
DATE: 10/23/2003 SUBMITTER: Bob
Adoption / guardianship records for Myrtle Blanche KIMMEL or KINNEMEL, born 17 June, 1873 and raised by W. and Mary E. MARTIN from 6 years of age until her marriage at 16 years of age in O'Neill, Nebraska on 13 October 1888 to Robert N. LEWIS. The Martins are believed to be the couple listed in the 1880 cenus from Gallipolis, OH.
DATE: 10/23/2003 SUBMITTER: Bronzel Brewer
Trying to find the owners of the farm I grew up on in Gallia county, we moved away approx. 1964. My grandfather owed the farm, his name was W. S. SHARP, everyone knew him as Bill SHARP.The farm is approx 5 miles out of Vinton off of Keystone Rd. The place was sold to a family named BLACKBURN. I recently drove past the old place and everything is gone now except the barn. I would love to talk with the owners.
DATE: 10/23/2003 SUBMITTER: Lynn Andrews
I am wanting to find Gravel Hill Cemetery. Cheshire, Ohio. My gr uncle John WOLFE is supposed to be buried there. Does anyone have a listing of the names and dates for that cemetery? He died 2/02/1930.
DATE: 10/15/2003 SUBMITTER: Irene Fletcher
I am looking for information about my Grandfather Arthur DONALD or Arthur DONALDS. He married Lulu FREDERICK August 14, 1905 by John J. THOMAS. He was born August 12, 1884.
DATE: 10/15/2003 SUBMITTER: Gretta
My progenitor William GRASS along with soon to be wife applied for marriage license in june 1873 in gallia co. ohio is there any place to check and see if marriage actually took place? I tried for marriage records and did not find any. it is believed they lived back in W.Va.
DATE: 10/15/2003 SUBMITTER: Fred Gillette
James Banks THOMAS, b.1804 in Maryland. He married Eliza Jane ABRAMS, b. about 1817 in Ohio, (AKA Louisa H. ABRAMS), possibly in Gallipolis, sometime prior to 1838. James was of Welsh descent and may have migrated to Gallia County, in 1818. Eliza was of French descent, her ancestors were said to have moved to Ohio from North Carolina. Looking for possible records of these families, any help or advice would be much appreciated.
DATE: 10/15/2003 SUBMITTER: Roberta Brumfield
Looking for info on William B BRUMFIELD'S family, William B BRUMFIELD born Aug 29, 1908 Greenbottom WV, died April 30, 1987 CAL, md Thelma BOWEN married date unknown. William is the s/o Emmett Bert BRUMFIELD and Elizabeth "Lizzy" SUTHERS. Here's my problem. I can't find any info on Elizabeth's parents, she is the d/o Luther SUTHERS and Sarah WEEKLEY.
DATE: 09/18/2003 SUBMITTER: Judy Equels and John Ryan
Re: Gallipolis NASH Family. My name is Judy Equels. About 30 years ago, My friend John Ryan rescued several hundred antiquarian collectible books from the roadside where they were going to be dumped. They were being discarded by a Charles BARBOUR (BARBER) great grandson of Simeon NASH (1804- 1979) Over the last two years, I have been helping John research and catalog the books for sale on eBay. We tried donating the books, but everyone wanted us to pay for shipping, insurance, make a cash donation, etc. I have already listed and will continue to list (Sep-Oct) many books signed by Simeon NASH, Mrs. Simeon NASH (Cynthia SMITH NASH), Elizabeth NASH PERRY, Alice NASH PERRY, Clara NASH PERRY, Mary NASH PERRY, Gen. William H. NASH, Lemuel PERRY, J. W. BUSHNELL (Fla) and many others. Some are also signed by the authors. The books are dated late 1700s to the early 1900s. We are starting the books very low so they will go to people who want them. I have the family tree chart with Gallipolis and North Florida connections and an index of the books, if anyone wants an e-mail copy.
DATE: 09/18/2003 SUBMITTER: Martha Whitman
Looking for someone doing VONNIDA, NIDAY AND NIDA research that would like to share information. Also looking for information on Peter NIDA or NIDAY and Sarah R. or K. ADAMS family.
DATE: 09/18/2003 SUBMITTER: Terry Metheney
Researching family names OILER, BASS, CALDWELL. Specifically Samuel OILER, married first to Polly CALDWELL (VA.) and second to Elizabeth Caveness BASS (Gallia OH). Samuel and Polly moved to Gallia Co. in 1811 with 4 children, and had 4 more in Gallia. Samuel remarried to Elizabeth BASS 13 Oct. 1832 in Gallia Co. and had 5 more children. Looking for homestead, cemeteries, birth and death certificates.
DATE: 09/18/2003 SUBMITTER: Mack
Looking for Willis G. DEWITT married Norma Bell SEARLES and childern. Looking for any SHULL, SCARBERRY.
DATE: 09/18/2003 SUBMITTER: Pat Breno
Searching for any leads to Jacob HEISS and Mary BRENO, married September 16, 1813 in Gallia, Ohio. Source: Marriage records, 1803-1911. Ohio. Probate Ct. Gallia Co. I can't find a trace of either individual beyond this record.
DATE: 09/18/2003 SUBMITTER: Renee
I would like to find someone who knows of the MATHIAS family buried at Ebenezer Cemetary. I am a descendent of Benjamin MATHIAS and would like to determine his correct date of birth.
DATE: 09/18/2003 SUBMITTER: Karen (Chapman) Castle
1860 census shows an elderly (72) year old David BURCHARD (born NY) living with David and Angelina C. BURCHARD CHAPMAN in Gallipolis, Gallia,OH. 1870 shows the CHAPMANS living in IL. without David BURCHARD. Can someone e-mail me an obituary for BURCHARD? Suspect this would be in a newspaper in Gallia County, OH.
DATE: 09/18/2003 SUBMITTER: Karen (Chapman) Castle
There was a couple who perished in a fire in Gallipolis, Gallia, OH around 1850's by the name of MASON. David M. CHAPMAN was to take-in/adopt a son of this MASON family. CHAPMAN and wife Angelina C. BURCHARD CHAPMAN show up in 1860 census as parents of David CHAPMAN. No signs of birth for him. Where do I get access of old newspaper articles to verify this?
DATE: 09/18/2003 SUBMITTER: Gary D. Gardner
I am searching for the will or any records pertaining to John SAVORY (SAVOREE) who died in Gallipolis August 24th, 1814. In particular I need to know if he had owned a slave named Amos who was freed prior to or at John's death. John SAVORY had been a merchant in Bourbon County, Ky., but apparently owned land in Gallia County, OH from a land grant. He may also have owned title to grants in Hardin Co., KY, as an agent paid taxes for him there in 1810. By 1816, Amos SAVOREE is found as a free black in that same neighborhood as the land claimed by the late John SAVORY of Lyons, France. I feel sure Amos was the slave of John.
DATE: 09/18/2003 SUBMITTER: Pam Bick
Looking for any information on Ransom MOLER/MOHLER/MOULDER, born between 1810 and 1820, most likely in Gallia County. He appeared in the Madison Co. Indiana 1840 census. I suspect he may have been killed in the Mexican war c. 1846-48.

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