Web Sites of People With Connections to Gallia County

This page is a listing of web sites maintained by individuals with connections to Gallia County. The web pages are the responsibility of their creators, not me. If you find any (404) "link does not exist" type messages, let me know and I will remove the link from this page.

Remember that the surnames given are usually the primary ones these people are related to in this county. They probably have other names that are connected.

If you don't want to look through all the surnames, you can use your browser's FIND facility. Remember that surnames can be spelled many different ways and they are all correct.

If you want to add your web site to this page, click here to send me an email and tell me the URL of your site and some or all of the surnames found in this county. It would help me if you would put the surnames in alphabetical order.

LinkSurnames Occuring in the county
Judy (Lawless) Caudill Lawless
Linda Coate Clark, Curry, Danner, Evans, Gaskins, Glenn, Morgan, Parry, Reese, Tharp, Tobin, Wood, Young
Christine Curry Burton, Caster, Glover, Greene, Larsen, Mossbarger, Williams
Richard Denney Beck, Bowman, Bray, Brookman, Burris, Caldwell, Cardwell, Casto, Cavin, Coats/Coates, Curry, Day, Denney/Denny, Dodrill, Dyas, Eblen/Eblin, Ellis, Finley, Glassburn, Gould, Graves, Grover, Hill, Hinson, Hively, Kemper, Kent, Langdon, Lawless/Lollis, Leclere, Long, McCarley, McClaskey, McCulty, McFarland, Niday, Northup, Pierce, Quickel, Randolph, Rothgeb, Roush, Russell, Sisler, Shenefield, Shoemaker, Short, Slack, Spires, Sprague, Sprouse, Stevens, Stone, Suiter, Swick, Vance, Ward, Walter, Watkins, Williams, Yoder
Neil Elvick Bickel, Braun (Brown) , Chappell, MacMillan, Wise
Ruth Hall Boggs, Ferrell, McCarley
Jean Hoffman Bailey, Coddington, Cooper, Gilmore, Houck, Irion, Knight, Northup, Strait, Trotter, Willey
Bill J. Hyde (second site) Coughenour, Marshall, Slaughter, Darst, Kline
Sue Roach Angels, Eagle, Jones, Koontz, Kouns, Price, Rollis, Short, Wilson
Anthony D. Smith Stewart, Dungey, Coker, Harris, Craddolph, Rickman, Marsh
Donna Tivener Thevenin, Thivener, Tivener, Tivner, Mion, Loucks,White, Bowen, Ward, Leech/Leach, Bane, Dale, Shilts, Berridge, Peirsey, Ratliff and others.
Charles R. Weese Dodrill, Vance, Woods, many others
Monica Woodworth Cofer, Syfers
Bill L. Yoho Hawkins, Yoho

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