Descriptions of the Enumeration Districts of the Ninth Supervisor's District of Ohio TWELFTH CENSUS, June 1, 1900, with the names of persons employed as Enumerators.

This information is from the National Archives microfilm "Federal Population Census - Enumeration Districts 1900" call # 929.3Fe, Microcopy No. T1210, roll no. 7. I do not know what amounts are represented by the rate of pay codes.

P.O. Address Pay
22 Addison Twp. (part of) consisting of Addison Voting precinct 663 John H. Berry Addison B
23 Addison Twp. (part of ) consisting of that part of the twp. not included in Addison precinct. 675 Thomas J. Daniel Addison B
24 Cheshire Twp. (part of ) consisting of Cheshire voting precinct. 857 Charles M. Little Carleton B
25 Cheshire Twp. (part of ) not included in Cheshire precinct. 994 Francis W. Butcher Kyger B
26 Clay Twp. including Chambersburg village 1276 Samuel A. Cottrell Thiviner B
27 Gallipolis Twp. exclusive of Gallipolis City 1112 Edward F. Hawk Gallipolis B
132 Ohio Hospital for Epileptics (part) (see ED 29) 401 D. D. Jones Gallipolis,
Ohio Hospital for Epileptics
28 Gallipolis City Ward 1
Gallipolis City Ward 2
Orland H. Booton Gallipolis A
29 Gallipolis City Ward 3
Gallipolis City Ward 4
Henry M. Robinson Gallipolis A
132 Ohio Hospital for Epileptics (part) (see ED 27) 533 D. D. Jones Gallipolis,
Ohio Hospital for Epileptics
30 Greenfield Twp. 1253 Michael S. Shaffer Gallia B
31 Green Twp. 1257 Silas E. Gilbert Northup B
32 Guyan Twp. (part of) in Crown City village only consisting of Guyan precinct. 284 Charles E. Garlic Crown City B
33 Guyan Twp. (part of) all that part of twp. outside of Guyan precinct. 1857 James P. Haskin Yoho B
34 Harrison Twp. 1285 Richard E. Tope Lincoln B
35 Huntington Twp.
including Vinton village
Isaac L. Ewing Ewington B
36 Morgan Twp. 1232 Isaac N. Strausbaugh Vanceton B
37 Ohio Twp. 1580 Gilbert E. Neal Bladen B
38 Perry Twp. 1177 Aaron W. Skinner Cora B
39 Raccoon Twp.
including Centerville village
Thomas J. Clark Thurman B
40 Springfield Twp. 1844 Jordon Booth Evergreen B
41 Walnut Twp. 1687 Joseph G. Williams Cadmus B

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