Descriptions of the Enumeration Districts of the Ninth Supervisor's District of Ohio TWELFTH CENSUS, June 1, 1900, with the names of persons employed as Enumerators. This information is from the National Archives microfilm "Federal Population Census - Enumeration Districts 1900" call # 929.3Fe, Microcopy No. T1210, roll no. 7.
Dist.DescriptionPopulationEnumerator'sP.O. AddressPay
22Addison Twp. (part of) consisting of Addison Voting precinct663John H. BerryAddisonB
23Addison Twp. (part of ) consisting of that part of the twp. not included in Addison precinct.675Thomas J. DanielAddisonB
24Cheshire Twp. (part of ) consisting of Cheshire voting precinct.857Charles M. LittleCarletonB
25Cheshire Twp. (part of ) not included in Cheshire precinct.994Francis W. ButcherKygerB
26Clay Twp. including Chambersburg village1276Samuel A. CottrellThivinerB
27Gallipolis Twp. exclusive of Gallipolis City1112Edward F. HawkGallipolisB
132Ohio Hospital for Epileptics (part) (see ED 29)401D. D. JonesGallipolis, Ohio Hospital for Epileptics-
28Gallipolis City Ward 11278Orland H. BootonGallipolisA
Gallipolis City Ward 21033
29Gallipolis City Ward 31433Henry M. RobinsonGallipolisA
Gallipolis City Ward 41155
132Ohio Hospital for Epileptics (part) (see ED 27)533D. D. JonesGallipolis, Ohio Hospital for Epileptics-
30Greenfield Twp.1253Michael S. ShafferGalliaB
31Green Twp.1257Silas E. GilbertNorthupB
32Guyan Twp. (part of) in Crown City village only consisting of Guyan precinct.284Charles E. GarlicCrown CityB
33Guyan Twp. (part of) all that part of twp. outside of Guyan precinct.1857James P. HaskinYohoB
34Harrison Twp.1285Richard E. TopeLincolnB
35Huntington Twp., including Vinton village1277Isaac L. EwingEwingtonB
36Morgan Twp.1232Isaac N. StrausbaughVancetonB
37Ohio Twp.1580Gilbert E. NealBladenB
38Perry Twp.1177Aaron W. SkinnerCoraB
39Raccoon Twp., including Centerville village1273Thomas J. ClarkThurmanB
40Springfield Twp.1844Jordon BoothEvergreenB
41Walnut Twp.1687Joseph G. WilliamsCadmusB

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