Lookup Volunteers

The following people are willing to lookup information in the records which they have access to. If you have any records that you could look up information and wish to volunteer, please contact the county coordinator. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated!

When asking for someone to look up something for you, please observe these guidelines:
  •  Limit your request to 1 or 2 specific names.
  • Provide as much appropriate information as you know -- names, dates, places, relationships.

  • Be patient, these people are volunteers and may not always be able to respond to your request immediately. And, please, don't forget to thank the volunteer for their time and effort.

Source Volunteer Email
Obituaries in any newspaper at Bossard Library Cheryl Enyart trayne1837inc@yahoo.com
Death Notices, Obituaries, & Marriage Notices
Taken From Gallia County, Ohio Newspapers
From 1825-1875
Stefanie Richardson stefanie@davids.org 
Abstracts of Journals and Wills,
Inventory and Sale Bills,
Vols A-D, for 1803-1847.
Cheryl Enyart trayne1837inc@yahoo.com 
Gallia County Cemetery Books   
Cheshire Township (indexed)Shari Little-Creech Pecslcrech@aol.com 
Gallipolis Township (indexed)Stefanie Richardson
Kathy Jones-Hodge
Green Township (indexed)Kathy Jones-Hodges kjhodges@surry.net 
Guyan Township (indexed)Jeff Hayes Hiestzie76@aol.com 
Perry Township (indexed)Kathy Jones-Hodges kjhodges@surry.net 
Springfield Township (indexed)Cheryl Enyart trayne1837inc@yahoo.com 
Census Records   
Ohio Census Index 1850Laura Myers Famtree505@aol.com 
Ohio Census Index 1860Laura Myers Famtree505@aol.com 
Gallia County Census 1920Cheryl Enyart trayne1837inc@yahoo.com 
Gallia County Census 1930Cheryl Enyart trayne1837inc@yahoo.com 
Symmes Creek, by Wayne B. Ingle Conni McDaniel Hall conni.mcdaniel.hall@gmail.com
History of Gallia County, Ohio, by H. H. Hardesty Stefanie Richardson
Kathy Jones-Hodges
Revolutionary War Soldiers Who Lived In Gallia County Kathy Jones-Hodges kjhodges@surry.net 
1959 Gallipolis DirectoryKathy Jones Hodges kjhodges@surry.net 

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