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The following personal websites are maintained independently by the contact person and are provided as a courtesy for researchers. Although the websites were checked for appropriateness by the Gallia county coordinator prior to listing on this page, the contents may have since changed focus. Please report any inappropriate sites or those no longer working to the county coordinator, and help keep this page up to date These websites were checked on February 18, 2022, and were still valid URL's on that day.

The Gallia County Coordinator & OHGenWeb are not responsible for the accuracy of the information presented on personal websites.

If you would like to add your personal website, please send an e-mail with the name of your website & the URL. Please also include a list of surnames with Gallia County connections.

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Owners/Websites Gallias County Connected Surnames
Linda Coate ...
Coat(es) Surname
Clark, Curry, Danner, Evans, Gaskins, Glenn, Morgan, Parry, Reese, Tharp, Tobin, Wood, Young
Bill J. Hyde ...
"The Hyde And Flippin Home Page"
Coughenour, Marshall, Slaughter, Darst, Kline
Bill J. Hyde ...
Second site
Coughenour, Marshall, Slaughter, Darst, Kline
Donna Tivener ...
Thevin Surname
Thevenin, Thivener, Tivener, Tivner, Mion, Loucks,White, Bowen, Ward, Leech/Leach, Bane, Dale, Shilts, Berridge, Peirsey, Ratliff and others.
Monica Woodworth ...
The Rostofers & Woodworths in Ohio
Cofer, Syfers

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