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647 Feature records have been selected from GNIS. 

Latitude is expressed in the form ddmmss North, where dd = degrees, mm = minutes, and ss = seconds.
Longitude is expressed in the form dddmmss West, where ddd = degrees, mm = minutes, and ss = seconds.

Feature Name                 Type      Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map 
---------------------------- --------- -------- --------- ------------------------
Adamsville                   pop place 385231N  0822120W  Vinton
Addaville Elementary School  school    385421N  0821020W  Addison
Addison                      pop place 385310N  0820847W  Addison
Addison, Township of         civil     385329N  0821022W  Addison
Adney School (historical)    school    390036N  0821950W  Wilkesville
Alexander Church             church    384803N  0821929W  Rodney
Alice                        pop place 390116N  0822222W  Wilkesville
Allen Hall                   building  385254N  0822247W  Rio Grande
Anderson Cemetery            cemetery  385903N  0822451W  Rio Grande
Angel                        pop place 384315N  0821610W  Mercerville
Angola (historical)          pop place 384138N  0821129W  Apple Grove
Anniversary Hall             building  385255N  0822245W  Rio Grande
Anselm (historical)          pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Asbury Church                church    384604N  0821845W  Rodney
Bailey Chapel                church    384249N  0821616W  Mercerville
Baileys Landing              locale    384919N  0821005W  Gallipolis
Bane Cemetery                cemetery  384808N  0822247W  Patriot
Barkers Landing              locale    383830N  0821039W  Apple Grove
Barren Creek                 stream    385420N  0822032W  Vinton
Barton School (historical)   school    390013N  0821508W  Wilkesville
Batewood Landing (historica  locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Bay Bottom                   flat      383513N  0821710W  Athalia
Bay Holllow                  valley    383540N  0821627W  Athalia
Bays Bottom                  flat      UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Bays Bottom (historical)     pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Bear Run                     stream    384328N  0821125W  Apple Grove
Beaver Creek                 stream    385007N  0822216W  Rodney
Bell Lick Run                stream    385949N  0821206W  Addison
Berrys Landing               locale    385404N  0820828W  Addison
Bethel Cemetery              cemetery  385142N  0821236W  Gallipolis
Bethel Church                church    385820N  0821649W  Vinton
Bethel Church                church    384749N  0822739W  Patriot
Bethel Methodist Episcopal   church    385141N  0821234W  Gallipolis
Bethel School                school    383922N  0821231W  Apple Grove
Bethesda Cemetery            cemetery  384359N  0822205W  Mercerville
Bethesda Church              church    384354N  0822207W  Mercerville
Bethlehem Church             church    383832N  0821816W  Mercerville
Bidwell                      pop place 385507N  0821757W  Vinton
Bidwell-Porter Elementary S  school    385525N  0821722W  Vinton
Big 4 Church                 church    383614N  0821301W  Glenwood
Big Beaver Creek             stream    385045N  0822322W  Patriot
Big Creek                    stream    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Big Creek                    stream    383555N  0821550W  Athalia
Big Four Hill                summit    383624N  0821307W  Glenwood
Black Fork                   stream    385030N  0822945W  Patriot
Bladen                       pop place 383936N  0821113W  Apple Grove
Blakes Landing (historical)  locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Blancs Siding                locale    385140N  0821507W  Rodney
Blessing Bridge              bridge    384602N  0821841W  Rodney
Blosser Creek                stream    385511N  0821421W  Addison
Bobin Park                   park      384730N  0821436W  Gallipolis
Boggs (historical)           pop place 384445N  0822205W  Mercerville
Boggs Cemetery               cemetery  384828N  0822547W  Patriot
Boice Bridge                 bridge    385759N  0821601W  Vinton
Bowler (historical)          pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Boyd Hall                    building  385249N  0822245W  Rio Grande
Brick Church                 church    385340N  0821815W  Vinton
Brush Cemetery               cemetery  385651N  0822339W  Rio Grande
Brush Ridge                  ridge     385705N  0822405W  Rio Grande
Bryans Run                   stream    385152N  0820824W  Gallipolis
Buck Ridge                   ridge     385114N  0821550W  Rodney
Bulaville                    pop place 385400N  0821059W  Addison
Bull Run                     stream    384707N  0822921W  Patriot
Bull Skin (historical)       pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Bullskin Creek               stream    384411N  0821444W  Apple Grove
Bunch Cemetery               cemetery  385425N  0822103W  Vinton
Burnette Hollow              valley    384529N  0822344W  Patriot
Burnt Run                    stream    384225N  0821618W  Mercerville
Burrels Run                  stream    384224N  0821102W  Apple Grove
Bushs Mill (historical)      locale    383745N  0821026W  Apple Grove
Cadmus                       pop place 384601N  0822613W  Patriot
Cadmus Covered Bridge        bridge    384601N  0822614W  Patriot
Cadmus High School (histori  school    384549N  0822610W  Patriot
Calhoun Bridge               bridge    385821N  0822428W  Rio Grande
Calvary Cemetery             cemetery  385307N  0822244W  Rio Grande
Calvary Church               church    385308N  0822241W  Rio Grande
Camp Creek                   stream    384535N  0822732W  Patriot
Camp Francis Asbury Pond     reservoir 385124N  0822518W  Patriot
Camp Francis Asbury Pond Da  dam       385124N  0822518W  Patriot
Campaign Cemetery            cemetery  385532N  0821245W  Addison
Campaign Church              church    385529N  0821247W  Addison
Campaign Creek               stream    385259N  0820845W  Addison
Campbell Cemetery            cemetery  383820N  0821631W  Mercerville
Campbells Landing            locale    384106N  0821130W  Apple Grove
Carlton                      pop place 385749N  0820555W  Cheshire
Carter and Evans Lake        reservoir 385248N  0821448W  Addison
Carter and Evans Lake Dam    dam       385248N  0821448W  Addison
Centenary                    pop place 384757N  0821604W  Rodney
Centenary Cemetery           cemetery  384815N  0821603W  Rodney
Centenary Methodist Church   church    384758N  0821552W  Rodney
Centerpoint                  pop place 385105N  0822700W  Patriot
Centerpoint Cemetery         cemetery  385106N  0822656W  Patriot
Centerville, City of         civil     385353N  0822645W  Rio Grande
Chambersburg School (histor  school    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Apple Grove
Chapmans Mills (historical)  pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Charity (historical)         pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Cherry Ridge                 ridge     385849N  0822300W  Rio Grande
Cheshire                     pop place 385641N  0820641W  Cheshire
Cheshire Academy (historica  school    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Cheshire
Cheshire High School (histo  school    385639N  0820645W  Cheshire
Cheshire, Township of        civil     385727N  0820856W  Addison
Cheshire-Kyger Elementary S  school    385700N  0820714W  Cheshire
Chestnut Grove (historical)  pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Chickamauga Creek            stream    384806N  0821243W  Gallipolis
Christ United Methodist Chu  church    384545N  0821227W  Gallipolis
Church of Christ             church    384821N  0821259W  Gallipolis
Church of God (historical)   church    384822N  0821238W  Gallipolis
Church of the Nazarene       church    384903N  0821126W  Gallipolis
Cipper Mills                 pop place 384549N  0821234W  Gallipolis
Clark Cemetery               cemetery  384210N  0822325W  Waterloo
Clark Chapel                 church    385642N  0821625W  Vinton
Clark Chapel Acres Recreati  reservoir 385618N  0821636W  Vinton
Clark Chapel Acres Recreati  dam       385618N  0821636W  Vinton
Clark Run                    stream    384625N  0821317W  Gallipolis
Clarks School (historical)   school    385641N  0821629W  Vinton
Clay Chapel Cemetery         cemetery  384202N  0821128W  Apple Grove
Clay Chapel Methodist Churc  church    384202N  0821129W  Apple Grove
Clay Elementary School       school    384230N  0821134W  Apple Grove
Clay, Township of            civil     384322N  0821255W  Apple Grove
Claylick Run                 stream    384547N  0821826W  Rodney
Clear Fork                   stream    384651N  0821629W  Rodney
Clear Fork                   stream    385108N  0823155W  Gallia
Clemma (historical)          pop place 383749N  0821159W  Apple Grove
Cliffside Golf Club          locale    384912N  0821130W  Gallipolis
Clipper Mills                pop place 384550N  0821236W  Gallipolis
Coal Branch                  stream    384905N  0822828W  Patriot
Coles Landing                locale    384312N  0821115W  Apple Grove
Coles Landing (historical)   locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Cook Subdivision             pop place 384735N  0821406W  Gallipolis
Cora                         pop place 384928N  0822211W  Rodney
Cora Covered Bridge          bridge    384930N  0822210W  Rodney
Cora Methodist Church        church    384935N  0822221W  Rodney
Cora Mill (historical)       locale    384929N  0822210W  Rodney
Cottonwood Bar               bar       383550N  0821444W  Glenwood
Cottonwood Landing           locale    383557N  0821517W  Athalia
Cottrell Cemetery            cemetery  384331N  0821319W  Apple Grove
Creuzet (historical)         pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Mercerville
Crown City                   pop place 383527N  0821659W  Athalia
Crown City High School (his  school    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Athalia
Crown City Methodist Church  church    383523N  0821658W  Athalia
Davis Hall                   building  384833N  0821207W  Gallipolis
Davis Hall                   building  385255N  0822243W  Rio Grande
Deer Creek                   stream    385721N  0822111W  Vinton
Deer Creek Hollow            valley    384410N  0822316W  Waterloo
Deer Hollow Trail            trail     384735N  0822143W  Rodney
Denney Cemetery              cemetery  385350N  0821759W  Vinton
Dickey Church                church    384135N  0821927W  Mercerville
Dirtyface Creek              stream    385053N  0823025W  Gallia
Doctor Samuel L Bossard Mem  building  384840N  0821200W  Gallipolis
Domino (historical)          pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Double Creek                 stream    383557N  0821519W  Athalia
Drake Fork Indian Guyan Cre  stream    383840N  0821654W  Mercerville
Drummond Cemetery            cemetery  384234N  0822253W  Waterloo
Dry Ridge                    ridge     384704N  0823334W  Gallia
Durgan                       pop place 390029N  0822201W  Wilkesville
Duston Cemetery              cemetery  385551N  0821714W  Vinton
Dyke Cemetery                cemetery  385743N  0821812W  Vinton
E E Davis Career Center      building  385250N  0822240W  Rio Grande
Ebenezer Cemetery            cemetery  385552N  0822451W  Rio Grande
Ebenezer Church              church    385549N  0822449W  Rio Grande
Eblin Cemetery               cemetery  385846N  0821612W  Vinton
Edna (historical)            pop place 385821N  0822431W  Rio Grande
Edna Chapel                  church    384109N  0821246W  Apple Grove
Edoma Trail Subdivision      pop place 385520N  0822141W  Vinton
Elizabeth Chapel             church    384402N  0821442W  Apple Grove
Elizabeth L Evans Waterfowl  park      384849N  0821222W  Gallipolis
Eno                          pop place 385820N  0821414W  Addison
Eno Church                   church    385821N  0821418W  Addison
Eno School (historical)      school    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Addison
Enterprise Church            church    385619N  0821258W  Addison
Esop (historical)            pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Esther Allen Greer Museum    building  385254N  0822252W  Rio Grande
Eureka                       pop place 384038N  0821130W  Apple Grove
Eureka Church of Christ      church    384038N  0821131W  Apple Grove
Eureka Church of God         church    384032N  0821127W  Apple Grove
Evans Heights (subdivision)  pop place 384814N  0821317W  Gallipolis
Evans Run                    stream    384721N  0821317W  Gallipolis
Evergreen                    pop place 385328N  0821626W  Vinton
Ewington                     pop place 390034N  0822111W  Wilkesville
Ewington Academy (historica  school    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Wilkesville
Ewington Cemetery            cemetery  390036N  0822105W  Wilkesville
Fair Haven Methodist Church  church    385035N  0820855W  Gallipolis
Fairfield Acres              pop place 384930N  0821633W  Rodney
Fairfield Church             church    385006N  0821700W  Rodney
Fairview                     pop place 385038N  0821526W  Rodney
Fairview Cemetery            cemetery  385442N  0821850W  Vinton
Fairview Church              church    390104N  0822309W  Mulga
Fairview Church              church    384046N  0822521W  Waterloo
Fairview Lookout Tower       tower     384052N  0821952W  Mercerville
Farmers Landing              locale    385510N  0820723W  Cheshire
Fellure Cemetery             cemetery  383918N  0822036W  Mercerville
Final Hour Church            church    384842N  0821155W  Gallipolis
Fine and Performing Arts Ce  building  385254N  0822249W  Rio Grande
First Baptist Church         church    384835N  0821215W  Gallipolis
First Church of God          church    384821N  0821300W  Gallipolis
First Presbyterian Church    church    384829N  0821222W  Gallipolis
Flag Spring                  pop place 384326N  0822721W  Waterloo
Flag Spring (historical)     pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Flag Spring Cemetery         cemetery  384317N  0822707W  Waterloo
Flag Spring Church           church    384327N  0822719W  Waterloo
Flatfork Run                 stream    385343N  0821115W  Addison
Florence Evans Building      building  385252N  0822243W  Rio Grande
Fork Creek                   stream    384815N  0822217W  Rodney
Fortification Hill           summit    384752N  0821320W  Gallipolis
Fox Branch                   stream    384526N  0821850W  Rodney
Franklin Cemetery            cemetery  390048N  0822306W  Mulga
French Art Colony Regional M building  384833N  0821206W  Gallipolis
French City Church           church    385105N  0821412W  Gallipolis
Fullers Run                  stream    384425N  0821141W  Apple Grove
Fulton Cemetery              cemetery  385303N  0821135W  Addison
Gage                         pop place 384746N  0822352W  Patriot
Gallia                       pop place 384951N  0823104W  Gallia
Gallia Academy High School   school    384834N  0821228W  Gallipolis
Gallia Cemetery              cemetery  384826N  0823028W  Gallia
Gallia Church                church    384825N  0823029W  Gallia
Gallia County                civil     384900N  0822000W  Rodney
Gallia County Childrens Home building  385116N  0821414W  Gallipolis
Gallia County Courthouse     building  384832N  0821209W  Gallipolis
Gallia County Fairgrounds    park      385137N  0821420W  Gallipolis
Gallia County Infirmary      building  384957N  0821239W  Gallipolis
Gallia County Junior Fairgro park      385035N  0821420W  Gallipolis
Gallia School                school    384932N  0823040W  Gallia
Gallia School                school    384934N  0823040W  Gallia
Gallia-Meigs Regional Airpor airport   385002N  0820948W  Gallipolis
Gallipolis                   pop place 384835N  0821209W  Gallipolis
Gallipolis City Hall         building  384835N  0821210W  Gallipolis
Gallipolis City Park         park      384825N  0821221W  Gallipolis
Gallipolis Post Office       post offi 384831N  0821216W  Gallipolis
Gallipolis Public Square and park      384824N  0821221W  Gallipolis
Gallipolis State Institute   school    384924N  0821123W  Gallipolis
Gallipolis, Township of      civil     384914N  0821114W  Gallipolis
Garland Creek                stream    383628N  0821952W  Athalia
Garlic Cemetery              cemetery  383822N  0821702W  Mercerville
Garners Ford Bridge          bridge    385132N  0822144W  Rodney
Gatewood                     building  384833N  0821223W  Gallipolis
Gavin Bottom Ash Pond        reservoir 385600N  0820730W  Addison
Gavin Bottom Ash Pond Dam    dam       385600N  0820730W  Addison
Gavin Fly Ash Dam            dam       385748N  0820842W  Addison
Gavin Fly Ash Impoundment    reservoir 385748N  0820842W  Addison
George Creek                 stream    385133N  0820828W  Gallipolis
Georges Creek                stream    383703N  0821818W  Athalia
German Hollow                valley    384419N  0822316W  Waterloo
German Ridge                 ridge     384456N  0822424W  Waterloo
German Ridge                 ridge     384448N  0822425W  Waterloo
German Ridge Cemetery        cemetery  384438N  0822415W  Waterloo
Ghee Bridge                  bridge    385808N  0822317W  Rio Grande
Gilboa Cemetery              cemetery  385451N  0822247W  Rio Grande
Gilmore Heights              pop place 385055N  0820847W  Gallipolis
Glen Summitt                 pop place 385649N  0821927W  Vinton
Glenn Cemetery               cemetery  385534N  0822032W  Vinton
Glenn Cemetery               cemetery  385816N  0822041W  Vinton
Good Hope Cemetery           cemetery  383628N  0821850W  Athalia
Good Hope Church             church    383630N  0821852W  Athalia
Grace Church                 church    384839N  0821203W  Gallipolis
Grandview Estates            pop place 384941N  0821216W  Gallipolis
Granny Branch                stream    384714N  0822156W  Rodney
Grave Hill Cemetery          cemetery  385641N  0820748W  Addison
Green Acres                  pop place 384742N  0821435W  Gallipolis
Green Elementary School      school    384803N  0821606W  Rodney
Green, Township of           civil     384857N  0821642W  Rodney
Greenfield, Township of      civil     384905N  0823104W  Gallia
Guyan, Township of           civil     383712N  0821724W  Athalia
Halfhill Cemetery            cemetery  385906N  0821245W  Addison
Halley (historical)          pop place 383911N  0821347W  Apple Grove
Halliday Heights (subdivisio pop place 384808N  0821303W  Gallipolis
Hallidays Landing            locale    384716N  0821320W  Gallipolis
Hanersville                  pop place 385008N  0821255W  Gallipolis
Hannan Trace Elementary Scho school    383937N  0821615W  Mercerville
Hannan Trace High School     school    383940N  0821636W  Mercerville
Hannon Landing               locale    383532N  0821226W  Glenwood
Harrisburg                   pop place 385358N  0822043W  Vinton
Harrisburg Methodist Church  church    385355N  0822043W  Vinton
Harrison, Township of        civil     384309N  0821747W  Mercerville
Haskins Memorial Park        park      384911N  0821119W  Gallipolis
Hawk Subdivision             pop place 384931N  0821442W  Gallipolis
Hazel Cemetery               cemetery  384100N  0821329W  Apple Grove
Hedgewood (subdivision)      pop place 384850N  0821234W  Gallipolis
Hickory Landing (historical) locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Hidden Valley Ranch          locale    385300N  0821712W  Vinton
Hideaway Acres               pop place 384915N  0821906W  Rodney
Hildebrand Run               stream    383945N  0821111W  Apple Grove
Hilltop Subdivision          pop place 384934N  0821206W  Gallipolis
Hilton (historical)          pop place 384352N  0821708W  Mercerville
Hoadley                      pop place 384652N  0823418W  Gallia
Holcomb (historical)         pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Holcomb Cemetery             cemetery  385815N  0822048W  Vinton
Holcomb Hollow               valley    385241N  0822450W  Rio Grande
Holiday Hills                pop place 384308N  0821245W  Apple Grove
Hollis (historical)          pop place 384313N  0821930W  Mercerville
Holzer Hall                  building  385250N  0822243W  Rio Grande
Holzer Heliport              airport   385046N  0821419W  Gallipolis
Holzer Medical Center        hospital  384835N  0821204W  Gallipolis
Holzer School of Nursing (hi school    384833N  0821207W  Gallipolis
Honey Hollow                 valley    385404N  0821114W  Addison
Horse Creek                  stream    383710N  0821022W  Glenwood
Houck Cemetery               cemetery  384146N  0822051W  Mercerville
Hulbert Cemetery             cemetery  384848N  0821943W  Rodney
Hunt Hollow                  valley    384940N  0822847W  Patriot
Huntington, Township of      civil     385912N  0822201W  Vinton
Indian Creek                 stream    385320N  0822146W  Vinton
Iva Dale Subdivision         pop place 385122N  0820849W  Gallipolis
Jackson Cemetery             cemetery  384318N  0822612W  Waterloo
James A Gavin Power Plant    building  385608N  0820704W  Cheshire
James A Rhodes Student Cente building  385250N  0822248W  Rio Grande
Jaymar Heliport              airport   385739N  0820601W  Cheshire
Jeanette Albiez Davis Librar building  385254N  0822244W  Rio Grande
Jenkins Ridge                ridge     384231N  0822619W  Waterloo
Jessie Creek                 stream    385847N  0820829W  Addison
John Gee African Methodist E church    384849N  0821150W  Gallipolis
Johns Creek                  stream    383837N  0821715W  Mercerville
Kanauga                      pop place 385032N  0820850W  Gallipolis
Kanauga School               school    385028N  0820909W  Gallipolis
Keeton Run                   stream    385820N  0822429W  Rio Grande
Kennedys Landing (historical locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Kenton Lake                  reservoir 384914N  0822926W  Patriot
Kerr                         pop place 385222N  0821539W  Rodney
Keystone Furnace (historical locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Kings Chapel                 church    383745N  0821312W  Apple Grove
Klages (historical)          pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Kokeene Hollow               valley    385013N  0823237W  Gallia
Koontz Cemetery              cemetery  385536N  0822315W  Rio Grande
Koontz Church                church    385540N  0822258W  Rio Grande
Kriner Ridge                 ridge     384528N  0821512W  Rodney
Kriner Ridge                 ridge     384528N  0821435W  Gallipolis
Kyger                        pop place 385853N  0820918W  Addison
Kyger Cemetery               cemetery  385909N  0820913W  Addison
Kyger Church                 church    385736N  0820749W  Addison
Kyger Creek                  stream    385422N  0820805W  Addison
Kyger Creek High School      school    385543N  0820805W  Addison
Kyger Creek Power Plant      building  385452N  0820744W  Addison
Kyger United Methodist Churc church    385851N  0820920W  Addison
L M Berry Center             building  385250N  0822250W  Rio Grande
Lanes Branch                 stream    383759N  0821723W  Mercerville
Laurel Creek                 stream    385009N  0822214W  Rodney
Lawnview                     pop place 384951N  0821232W  Gallipolis
Leaper                       pop place 384056N  0821613W  Mercerville
Lemley Cemetery              cemetery  385736N  0821114W  Addison
Lewis Cemetery               cemetery  384105N  0822027W  Mercerville
Liberty Chapel               church    383808N  0821150W  Apple Grove
Lick Branch                  stream    384947N  0822919W  Patriot
Liddy Hollow                 valley    384755N  0821713W  Rodney
Lime Kiln Creek              stream    385356N  0820835W  Addison
Lincoln (historical)         pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Lincoln Chapel               church    384249N  0822024W  Mercerville
Little Beaver Creek          stream    385045N  0822323W  Patriot
Little Bullskin Creek        stream    384342N  0821539W  Mercerville
Little Campaign Creek        stream    385413N  0821003W  Addison
Little Chickamauga Creek     stream    384958N  0821253W  Gallipolis
Little Claylick Run          stream    384503N  0821808W  Rodney
Little Double Creek          stream    383557N  0821521W  Athalia
Little Indian Creek          stream    385330N  0822251W  Rio Grande
Little Kyger Church          church    385547N  0820923W  Addison
Little Kyger Creek           stream    385513N  0820811W  Addison
Little Kyger Grange          locale    385545N  0820925W  Addison
Little Perigen Creek         stream    384012N  0821821W  Mercerville
Little Raccoon Creek         stream    385721N  0822110W  Vinton
Little Swan Creek            stream    383658N  0821252W  Glenwood
Little Swan Creek            stream    383657N  0821252W  Glenwood
Little White Oak Creek       stream    385533N  0821416W  Addison
Lock and Dam Number 25 (hist dam       385418N  0820757W  Addison
Lock and Dam Number 26 (hist dam       384134N  0821110W  Apple Grove
Long Branch                  stream    385749N  0821540W  Vinton
Long Cemetery                cemetery  385956N  0822544W  Rio Grande
Long Landing                 locale    384610N  0821310W  Gallipolis
Long Run                     stream    384607N  0821308W  Gallipolis
Loucks Cemetery              cemetery  384346N  0821517W  Mercerville
Macedoina Church             church    384349N  0821722W  Mercerville
Macedonia Cemetery           cemetery  384352N  0821722W  Mercerville
Maddy Cemetery               cemetery  385148N  0820909W  Gallipolis
Malaby (historical)          pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Mapleshade                   pop place 384917N  0821036W  Gallipolis
Martt Cemetery               cemetery  384029N  0822015W  Mercerville
Mattie (historical)          pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Maxatawney Subdivision       pop place 385001N  0821250W  Gallipolis
McCalls Cemetery             cemetery  384406N  0821852W  Mercerville
McCarty Cemetery             cemetery  385635N  0820800W  Addison
McCormick (historical)       pop place 385000N  0822130W  Rodney
McDaniel Cemetery            cemetery  384510N  0822839W  Patriot
McDaniel Crossroad           pop place 384526N  0822844W  Patriot
McFanns Landing              locale    383643N  0821030W  Glenwood
McGehee Cemetery             cemetery  385842N  0822035W  Vinton
McLiesh Cemetery             cemetery  385942N  0821926W  Vinton
McNeal Cemetery              cemetery  385329N  0822645W  Rio Grande
Meadow Look                  pop place 384809N  0821434W  Gallipolis
Memorial Field               park      384845N  0821217W  Gallipolis
Mercerville                  pop place 383945N  0821619W  Mercerville
Meyers Hollow                valley    384042N  0822301W  Waterloo
Mill Creek                   stream    384858N  0821114W  Gallipolis
Miller Cemetery              cemetery  390005N  0821418W  Rutland
Miller Creek                 stream    384515N  0823130W  Gallia
Miller Hill                  summit    384307N  0822814W  Waterloo
Mills                        pop place 385057N  0821408W  Gallipolis
Mills Village                pop place 385047N  0821427W  Gallipolis
Mina Chapel                  church    384623N  0821418W  Gallipolis
Mina Chapel Cemetery         cemetery  384621N  0821417W  Gallipolis
Molasses Run                 stream    384922N  0820958W  Gallipolis
Moody (historical)           pop place 384222N  0821814W  Mercerville
Moore Cemetery               cemetery  385623N  0821037W  Addison
Morgan Center                pop place 385859N  0821603W  Vinton
Morgan Church                church    385846N  0821600W  Vinton
Morgan, Township of          civil     385759N  0821635W  Vinton
Morris and Dorothy Haskins A building  384831N  0821216W  Gallipolis
Morton Flats                 pop place 384944N  0821550W  Rodney
Moulton Hall                 building  385250N  0822246W  Rio Grande
Mount Carmel Church          church    385521N  0821730W  Vinton
Mount Olive Church           church    385618N  0821941W  Vinton
Mount Tabor Cemetery         cemetery  385717N  0822240W  Rio Grande
Mount Zion Cemetery          cemetery  383645N  0821044W  Glenwood
Mount Zion Cemetery          cemetery  384143N  0822513W  Waterloo
Mount Zion Cemetery          cemetery  385052N  0821437W  Gallipolis
Mount Zion Church            church    383645N  0821044W  Glenwood
Mount Zion Church            church    384129N  0822513W  Waterloo
Mount Zion Church (historica church    385053N  0821435W  Gallipolis
Mount Zion Subdivision       pop place 385045N  0821445W  Gallipolis
Mud Creek                    stream    384808N  0822125W  Rodney
Natural Gorge Trail          trail     384727N  0822125W  Rodney
Neal Cemetery                cemetery  384237N  0822325W  Waterloo
Nebo Church                  church    384923N  0822534W  Patriot
New Hope Church              church    385406N  0822107W  Vinton
New Life Lutheran Church     church    385002N  0821243W  Gallipolis
Nicholas Church              church    384304N  0821412W  Apple Grove
Nichols Landing (historical) locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Niles (historical)           pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Nobles Paradise Lake         reservoir 384106N  0821912W  Mercerville
Nobles Paradise Lake Dam     dam       384106N  0821912W  Mercerville
Norman Cemetery              cemetery  385034N  0822607W  Patriot
North Gallia High School     school    385728N  0821759W  Vinton
Northup                      pop place 384655N  0821702W  Rodney
Northup Baptist Church       church    384652N  0821705W  Rodney
Notter Cemetery              cemetery  383940N  0822110W  Mercerville
Number One Tunnel            tunnel    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Obad (historical)            pop place 385745N  0822229W  Vinton
Ohio Valley Christian School school    384834N  0821217W  Gallipolis
Ohio Valley Memorial Gardens locale    384730N  0821424W  Gallipolis
Ohio Valley Visitors Center  building  384828N  0821221W  Gallipolis
Ohio, Township of            civil     383806N  0821246W  Apple Grove
Oil Hollow                   valley    385507N  0821100W  Addison
Old Pine Cemetery            cemetery  385130N  0822306W  Patriot
Old Pine Church              church    385129N  0822307W  Patriot
Old Walnut Cemetery          cemetery  384108N  0822149W  Mercerville
Olive Church                 church    384505N  0822609W  Patriot
Opossum Run                  stream    390149N  0822115W  Wilkesville
Orchard Hill (subdivision)   pop place 384850N  0821242W  Gallipolis
Our House Museum             building  384826N  0821216W  Gallipolis
Ouster Cemetery              cemetery  384657N  0821724W  Rodney
Outons Landing               locale    384135N  0821120W  Apple Grove
Paint Creek                  stream    384827N  0821254W  Gallipolis
Paint Creek Baptist Church   church    384852N  0821150W  Gallipolis
Paragon (historical)         pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Mercerville
Park Lane Subdivision        pop place 385020N  0821538W  Rodney
Patriot                      pop place 384628N  0822302W  Patriot
Patriot Cemetery             cemetery  384625N  0822319W  Patriot
Paul R Lyne Physical Educati building  385245N  0822239W  Rio Grande
Peniel                       pop place 384814N  0823202W  Gallia
Peniel Presbyterian Church   church    384813N  0823205W  Gallia
Perigen Creek                stream    383959N  0821750W  Mercerville
Perry School                 school    384835N  0822223W  Rodney
Perry, Township of           civil     384850N  0822406W  Patriot
Peter Cave Creek             stream    384210N  0822254W  Waterloo
Peters Branch Swan Creek     stream    383738N  0821217W  Apple Grove
Pigeon Creek                 stream    384137N  0822806W  Waterloo
Pigeon Knob                  summit    384128N  0822806W  Waterloo
Pilgrim Church               church    383508N  0821733W  Athalia
Pine Grove Church            church    390015N  0821707W  Wilkesville
Pine Hill Cemetery           cemetery  385302N  0821625W  Vinton
Pine Street Cemetery         cemetery  384902N  0821157W  Gallipolis
Plantz Subdivision           pop place 385040N  0821305W  Gallipolis
Pleasant Valley              valley    385338N  0822308W  Rio Grande
Pleasant Valley Estates      pop place 385032N  0821444W  Gallipolis
Plum Run                     stream    385500N  0822530W  Rio Grande
Pokepatch Hollow             valley    384908N  0823113W  Gallia
Polecat Run                  stream    384913N  0822215W  Rodney
Poplar Knob                  summit    384658N  0822146W  Rodney
Poplar Ridge                 ridge     385730N  0821136W  Addison
Poplar Ridge Cemetery        cemetery  385750N  0821203W  Addison
Poplar Ridge Church          church    385750N  0821205W  Addison
Porter                       pop place 385542N  0821657W  Vinton
Porterbrook                  pop place 384942N  0821700W  Rodney
Preston Subdivision          pop place 384924N  0821345W  Gallipolis
Price Cemetery               cemetery  385542N  0822439W  Rio Grande
Prospect Church              church    385403N  0821444W  Addison
Prospect Hill                summit    385405N  0821443W  Addison
Prospect Hill (historical)   pop place 385357N  0821440W  Addison
Providence (historical)      pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Providence Church            church    384101N  0821503W  Mercerville
Providence Church            church    385113N  0821530W  Rodney
Quail Creek Trailer Park     pop place 385051N  0821831W  Rodney
Raccoon Creek                stream    384328N  0821125W  Apple Grove
Raccoon Creek County Park    park      384728N  0822130W  Rodney
Raccoon Island               pop place 384310N  0821146W  Apple Grove
Raccoon Island (historical)  island    384352N  0821125W  Apple Grove
Raccoon, Township of         civil     385333N  0822339W  Rio Grande
Rehobeth Cemetery            cemetery  385640N  0822559W  Rio Grande
Ridgelawn Cemetery           cemetery  383923N  0821601W  Mercerville
Ridgeway (historical)        pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Rife Cemetery                cemetery  385417N  0821114W  Addison
Rife Cemetery                cemetery  385743N  0820743W  Addison
Riggs Landing                locale    384202N  0821103W  Apple Grove
Rio Grande                   pop place 385246N  0822250W  Rio Grande
Rio Grande College           school    385254N  0822247W  Rio Grande
Rio Grande Elementary School school    385259N  0822237W  Rio Grande
Rio Grande Post Office       post offi 385259N  0822250W  Rio Grande
Rio Grande Reservoir         reservoir 385300N  0822324W  Rio Grande
Rio Grande Reservoir Dam     dam       385300N  0822324W  Rio Grande
Ripley Cemetery              cemetery  384621N  0822225W  Rodney
River Bend Subdivision       pop place 385233N  0820835W  Addison
Riverby                      building  384833N  0821206W  Gallipolis
Robert S Wood Hall           building  385245N  0822247W  Rio Grande
Robinson Cemetery            cemetery  385746N  0821447W  Addison
Robinson Run                 stream    385944N  0822012W  Vinton
Rocklick Creek               stream    384101N  0821613W  Mercerville
Rocky Fork                   stream    384711N  0822031W  Rodney
Rocky Fork                   stream    384856N  0822635W  Patriot
Rocky Fork                   stream    383833N  0821716W  Mercerville
Rocky Run                    stream    384553N  0821243W  Gallipolis
Rodney                       pop place 385057N  0821815W  Rodney
Rodney School (historical)   school    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Rodney
Rodney United Methodist Chur church    385058N  0821820W  Rodney
Rose Cemetery                cemetery  384627N  0821627W  Rodney
Rosebud (historical)         pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Roush Cemetery               cemetery  385532N  0820815W  Addison
Roush Cemetery               cemetery  385706N  0820732W  Addison
Roush Run                    stream    385106N  0822420W  Patriot
Rowlesville                  pop place 390035N  0821703W  Wilkesville
Ruby (historical)            pop place 384043N  0822001W  Mercerville
Ryan Run                     stream    385125N  0822058W  Rodney
Saint Peters Episcopal Churc church    384835N  0821207W  Gallipolis
Salem Cemetery               cemetery  384814N  0822417W  Patriot
Salem Church                 church    384813N  0822416W  Patriot
Samples Landing (historical) locale    UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Apple Grove
Sanctuary Cemetery           cemetery  385513N  0822142W  Vinton
Sand Fork                    stream    384704N  0822523W  Patriot
Sand Fork                    pop place 384232N  0822319W  Waterloo
Sand Hollow                  valley    384605N  0821412W  Gallipolis
Sanders Subdivision          pop place 384805N  0821340W  Gallipolis
Sandfork Church              church    384557N  0822718W  Patriot
Sardis Run                   stream    384355N  0821137W  Apple Grove
Saunders Cemetery            cemetery  384359N  0822637W  Waterloo
Shaffer Cemetery             cemetery  385038N  0823217W  Gallia
Sheets Cemetery              cemetery  383956N  0822004W  Mercerville
Shepherds White Oak Creek    stream    385858N  0821603W  Vinton
Shields Cemetery             cemetery  385807N  0821821W  Vinton
Shilo Cemetery               cemetery  385853N  0822338W  Rio Grande
Shoal Creek                  stream    383438N  0821736W  Athalia
Shoestring Ridge             ridge     384440N  0821304W  Apple Grove
Siloam (historical)          pop place 384820N  0822222W  Rodney
Siloam Cemetery              cemetery  384805N  0822300W  Patriot
Siloam Cemetery              cemetery  383913N  0822013W  Mercerville
Silver Bridge Plaza Shopping locale    385010N  0820920W  Gallipolis
Silver Run                   stream    385901N  0820523W  Cheshire
Simms Run                    stream    383525N  0821646W  Athalia
Simpson Chapel Methodist Chu church    385245N  0822249W  Rio Grande
Smalls Landing               locale    383841N  0821043W  Apple Grove
Smith Cemetery               cemetery  384126N  0821611W  Mercerville
Smiths (historical)          pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Unknown
Sound, The                   channel   384852N  0821134W  Gallipolis
Southwestern High School     school    384919N  0822409W  Patriot
Spring Dale Subdivision      pop place 384930N  0821345W  Gallipolis
Spring Run                   stream    385929N  0822431W  Rio Grande
Spring Valle Estates         pop place 385041N  0821515W  Rodney
Spring Valley                pop place 385035N  0821531W  Rodney
Springfield, Township of     civil     385342N  0821644W  Vinton
Stanley L Evans Athletic and park      385248N  0822238W  Rio Grande
Stevens Cemetery             cemetery  385438N  0821541W  Vinton
Stewart Chapel Cemetery      cemetery  383821N  0821940W  Mercerville
Stillhouse Branch            stream    383548N  0821421W  Glenwood
Stingy Run                   stream    385734N  0820752W  Addison
Storys Run                   stream    385842N  0820510W  Cheshire
Sugar Creek                  stream    383552N  0821440W  Glenwood
Sugar Creek                  stream    383553N  0821436W  Glenwood
Sugar Run                    stream    390019N  0821904W  Wilkesville
Swan Creek                   stream    383532N  0821213W  Glenwood
Swan Creek                   pop place 383538N  0821208W  Glenwood
Swan Creek Church            church    383601N  0821109W  Glenwood
Swan Creek School            school    383610N  0821101W  Glenwood
Sweetbit Creek               stream    385001N  0822938W  Patriot
Swindler Cemetery            cemetery  383840N  0821632W  Mercerville
Tara Estates                 pop place 385317N  0820902W  Addison
Teens Run                    stream    384110N  0821129W  Apple Grove
Texas Road Wildlife Area     park      384857N  0821300W  Gallipolis
The Meadows                  pop place 384923N  0821645W  Rodney
Thivener                     pop place 384410N  0821443W  Apple Grove
Thurman                      pop place 385400N  0822645W  Rio Grande
Thurman Cemetery             cemetery  385345N  0822634W  Rio Grande
Thurman United Methodist Chu church    385358N  0822652W  Rio Grande
Timber Ridge Lake            lake      383914N  0822253W  Waterloo
Town and Country Estates     pop place 385027N  0821329W  Gallipolis
Trace Creek                  stream    384607N  0822605W  Patriot
Trace Run                    stream    385525N  0822012W  Vinton
Tried Stone Baptist Church   church    384852N  0821200W  Gallipolis
Trotter Cemetery             cemetery  384230N  0821625W  Mercerville
Turkey Run                   stream    385646N  0820737W  Addison
Tycoon Lake                  reservoir 385548N  0822100W  Vinton
Tycoon Lake                  reservoir 385518N  0822112W  Vinton
Tycoon Lake - East Dam       dam       385548N  0822100W  Vinton
Tycoon Lake - South Dam      dam       385518N  0822112W  Vinton
Tycoon Lake State Wildlife A park      385538N  0822053W  Vinton
Tyn Rhos Cemetery            cemetery  385114N  0822445W  Patriot
Tyn Rhos Church              church    385113N  0822447W  Patriot
Tynrhos (historical)         pop place 385128N  0822445W  Patriot
Upper McCarley Cemetery      cemetery  385723N  0821923W  Vinton
Vance Cemetery               cemetery  385928N  0821548W  Vinton
Victory Church               church    383815N  0821530W  Mercerville
Viney Cemetery               cemetery  385340N  0821925W  Vinton
Vinton                       pop place 385835N  0822030W  Vinton
Vinton Elementary School     school    385834N  0822058W  Vinton
Vinton Memorial Cemetery     cemetery  385909N  0822134W  Vinton
Vinton Mill (historical)     locale    385842N  0822025W  Vinton
WGTR-FM (Gallipolis)         tower     384819N  0821336W  Gallipolis
WJEH Radio Tower             tower     384820N  0821322W  Gallipolis
WJEH-AM (Gallipolis)         tower     384821N  0821323W  Gallipolis
Wagner Church                church    384811N  0822857W  Patriot
Walkers Landing              locale    384728N  0821314W  Gallipolis
Walnut Church                church    384231N  0822320W  Waterloo
Walnut Ridge Church          church    384025N  0822247W  Waterloo
Walnut, Township of          civil     384333N  0822428W  Waterloo
Washington Elementary School school    384841N  0821220W  Gallipolis
Waterloo Cemetery            cemetery  384211N  0822755W  Waterloo
Waugh Cemetery               cemetery  384145N  0821601W  Mercerville
Waughs Landing               locale    383626N  0821035W  Glenwood
Wayne National Forest Pond 8 reservoir 384918N  0822924W  Patriot
Wayne National Forest Pond 8 dam       384918N  0822924W  Patriot
Webster Cemetery             cemetery  384301N  0822732W  Waterloo
Wesley Chapel                church    385953N  0821211W  Addison
Westbrook Village            pop place 385028N  0821245W  Gallipolis
Westerman Church             church    385324N  0821611W  Vinton
Westwood Acres               pop place 385029N  0821525W  Rodney
White Cemetery               cemetery  384804N  0822151W  Rodney
White Church                 church    384452N  0821953W  Mercerville
White Hollow                 valley    384135N  0822255W  Waterloo
White Oak Creek              stream    385611N  0821505W  Vinton
Whiteoak School (historical) school    385633N  0821350W  Addison
Wigner (historical)          pop place 384705N  0822000W  Rodney
Williams Creek               stream    383610N  0821848W  Athalia
Willow Church                church    390050N  0822359W  Mulga
Willow Woods (subdivision)   pop place 384832N  0821312W  Gallipolis
Wilma Chapel                 church    383613N  0821806W  Athalia
Windy Ridge                  ridge     390009N  0821603W  Wilkesville
Wiseman Cemetery             cemetery  384115N  0822806W  Waterloo
Wiseman Cemetery             cemetery  385007N  0822504W  Patriot
Wolf Run                     stream    385623N  0821515W  Vinton
Wolf Run                     stream    384852N  0822608W  Patriot
Wood Cemetery                cemetery  384800N  0823326W  Gallia
Woods Cemetery               cemetery  390033N  0822229W  Wilkesville
Woods Mill                   pop place 385613N  0822023W  Vinton
Yoho (historical)            pop place UNKNOWN  UNKNOWN   Mercerville

Not dated, but originally added prior to 2007.

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